Our advantage

Soltek team have good knowledges from product design, hardware and software development, supply channel management, manufacturing, marketing and branding, and have more about 15 years experiences in networking industry.

About us

Soltek focus on networking and smart home products. The vision of Soltek is to bring the best price performance products with good quality and easy of use functions to worldwide consumer customers and bring the win-win New Retail business mode to the partners.

Soltek Company

At Soltek Company, we try to produce and market products in accordance with the latest standards through specialized human resources training. Creating specialized and practical training classes for production line personnel and reporting on the effectiveness of training courses to improve the performance of human resources and their growth, increase production efficiency and thus bring the final products in line with international and competitive standards With foreign brand products.

Factory warehousing system

Soltek company is proud of using mechanized and standard warehousing system and superior logistics services, all raw materials and products with the best and most ideal environmental and physical conditions and in accordance with the standards of telecommunication and electronic products with the best and most ideal conditions Maintains environmental and physical and provides the best transportation services in all parts of Iran in the shortest possible time and also provides special warehousing services to its customers.

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No. 13, Jahansuz Alley, Larestan St., Shahid Motahari St., Tehran. Soltek Company

Tel: 98 (021) 43614000
Email: Info@Soltek.ir
Fax: (021) 43614300

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